Marvel at the Spider-Man Costume World Record Attempt in Anaheim THURSDAY

Anaheim may be the site of a world record Thursday as the Honda Center tries to become the location where the most people are dressed head-to-toe in Spider-Man costumes at one time.

Making it into the Guinness Book of World Records is fine and all, but just make sure someone checks where those costumes came from lest we have a hazmat situation.


First, to celebrate the debut of Marvel Universe Live! in Southern California, this world-record attempt is being made from 5-6 p.m. at the Honda Center AND the first 250 to arrive all Spidey'd up get inside to see the show for free.

But here comes your warning, dear crime fighters: Thousands of Spider-Man outfits have just been recalled amid fears they could be dangerous.

Yes, this was in jolly old England, where there has been a rash of light-up Spider-Man costumes that kids wear blowing up. About 27,000 such costumes have reportedly been sold by the Asda supermarket chain over there for 12.50 pounds–which given the exchange rate translates to $374.63 in American dollars.

Anyway, be careful who you are standing next to in your costume because if Ebola can make it from West Africa to Los Angeles (like it just did), surely an exploding superhero costume can land in Anaheim from Limey Land.

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