Marloe Makes Purses With a Purpose

When it comes to figuring out your personal style, purses can be an afterthought; their sole purpose is just to hold your things, right? But LA-based designer Analisa Jimenez created the Marloe leather goods line to showcase sleek, minimalist bags. With their geometric shapes and monotone color design, the purses are miles removed from Betsey Johnson's sugary, candy-colored fantasies or Louis Vuitton's logo-emblazoned carry-ons, but they exude crisp, editorial cool and are bound to remain in vogue over time.

Established in 2014, Marloe's aesthetic retains a high-fashion modernity without the astronomical fashion price tag, ranging instead from $28 to $268. Among the larger leather purses is the Martina, which comes in a soft nude or black tone and can be worn as a backpack or strapped over your shoulder. The Leena bucket crossbody purse is perfect for travel, while the Layover tote bag is a slouchier alternative for your larger keepsakes; both come in either black or cognac-brown shades. If you're feeling handsy, Marloe produces plum-colored clutches, cosmetic pouches to hold your makeup, and small, fine leather wallets and passport holders for your convenience. All products are made to order and might include some of the leather hide's natural scarring—so no two items are exactly alike.

Everything in the collection is locally crafted and ethically sourced. All the designs are cut, prepped and hand-stitched by a team of local artisans working inside a studio in Long Beach, and it's all manufactured in small batches while working to avoid wasting any leather. Whatever scraps do remain, Jimenez saves for participants of her DIY workshops, so they can make their own leather, hanging plant holders. Keep tabs on Jimenez's Instagram (@_marloe), where she announces workshops, pop-up shops and sales. And you can shop directly at

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