Mark Trumbo Still Has Angel Fans on His Mind

Looking at Mark Trumbo on today's People Issue 2014 cover may have you wondering when the former Angel/current Diamondback faces Anaheim on the field.


[OC People 2014] The Slugger: Mark Trumbo

Trumbo has not been in the Arizona lineup for Cactus League games against the Angels so far this spring. Barring injury (knock on Louisville Slugger), the next time after spring training the two teams could square off would be the 2014 World Series. (God willing for both squads.)

As for regular-season play, Trumbo had already checked the schedule before he spoke with the Weekly and reported the D-Backs host inner-squad games against the Halos in Phoenix–but not until next season.

If Trumbo stays healthy, does not move on to another team (he's only under a one-year contract) and there is no Anaheim-Arizona World Series match-up before the 2017 season, the earliest Trumbo as a D-Back could be stepping up to the plate at the Big A would be four years from now.

Whenever it happens, the opposing player would likely receive a warm welcome from Orange County fans, who were on Trumbo's mind when he was asked if there was anything else he wanted to mention in the interview.

“I want to say thank you to all the fans who came out and gave us unwavering support,” Trumbo said of Angel fans.

“After I was traded I had a lot of fans thank me for what I was able to do through Twitter. Despite having a season that not everyone envisioned, they stayed committed and loyal. As a player, that is invaluable; you appreciate people putting their best foot forward to do what they can to help the team.”

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