Mark Alan Jarosik Guilty of Try, Try, Trying to Kill His Ex-Girlfriend

This item originally gave the incorrect identity of the victim, and that has been removed. OC Weekly apologizes for the error.

Way back in 2009–were there even computers then?–I shared the deets a woman who was taken to Mission Hospital with severe head trauma after being assaulted by a man in the Gables community on
Oldspire Drive in Ladera Ranch. Authorities wondered then if her attacker was the same man who'd earlier tried to break into her home, and whether that man was Mark Alan Jarosik, who was awaiting a hearing on his attack two weeks earlier on his ex-girlfriend . . . you guessed it . . . the same woman.

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The Orange County Register's Vik Jolly reported last week on an Orange County Superior Court jury finding Jarosik guilty to trying to murder the woman. If this post's opening sounds strange, consider Jarosik was a Chicago architect who began an affair with her, though both were married with children at the time, in Las Vegas before being boyfriend and girlfriend for four years. Before he tried to kill her himself twice and hired a jail inmate for a third try.

The jury found Jarosik guilty of rape, attempted sodomy, attempted murder and soliciting an Orange County jail inmate to murder the woman, among other felonies. A sentencing enhancement that the rape occurred in the commission of a burglary was not found true.

Judge Francisco Briseño is scheduled to sentence Jarosik on Dec. 14.

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