March Against Monsanto Rally TOMORROW in Laguna Beach!

The worldwide march against the leading GMO Monsanto hits Orange County this Saturday at Laguna Beach's Main Beach Park, with over 1,000 participants expected to attend. The march begins at 11:00am with a cavalcade of speakers at noon to enlighten listeners on the ill effects of genetically modified food.


For food activists, the March Against Monsanto event is one in many food activism events that occur to inspire drastic changes in the way big corporations control the world's food supply, but March Against Monsanto is the first-ever global rally aimed to take down Monsanto and its unethical practices. To get an idea: Monsanto produced various plant pesticides in the 1960s when the company began to focus on agriculture (including the household weed repellant Roundup) and Agent Orange, an herbicide used in the Vietnam War to diminish forest and jungle life for guerrilla camouflage, and left millions of Americans and Vietnamese and harmed or killed.

Not to mention the fact that to this day, Monsanto detractors argue, Monsanto has not been held liable for the harm they've caused to the environment, or people's health due to producing genetically modified seeds that are said to lead to cancer, tumors, birth defects, and other health conditions. Therefore- it's time to speak up!

For the full schedule of the day's events, and to check out more information on Monsanto, and how to get involved beyond Saturday's events, visit the March Against Monsanto site. Get there early, and feed your head!

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