Manuel Ramos, Disgraced Fullerton Cop/Kelly Thomas Killer, Chased Out of Denny's by Angry Public!

An Orange County jury may have found disgraced Fullerton police officer Manuel Ramos innocent of murder charges in the beating death of Kelly Thomas–but that doesn't mean the public has, or ever will. Instead, Ramos is rightfully condemned to live life in non-cop society as an outcast, looked at with scorn wherever he goes–if he's lucky.

More likely, he'll be heckled out of any room he enters. And that's exactly what happened last week, at the Denny's off Harbor Boulevard in Fullerton just down the street from where Ramos and his fellow goons killed Kelly.


Let's go to the tape!

The update was posted Feb. 9, but only went viral yesterday after friends convinced the person who took the photo and provided the caption to set their Facebook privacy settings to public; as of this morning, it had been shared over 1,000 times, and will only spread further today.

Ramos no longer lives in Fullerton, but still has family and friends in the area. And now, the jokes: Coker said Ramos ordered the “Rooty Tooty Fresh and Brute-y”; our music editor, Nate Jackson, corrected him, saying “I think you're thinking of IHOP. Or in Ramos' case, IKILL.” And Gabriel San Rom├ín ended our inter-office chuckle-fest by noting, “He should be in the slammer, not ordering a grand slam.”

HAHAHAHA! Just stay in your room, Manny, 'cause such confrontations will happen again and again…

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