Manu Chao Sings 'Clandestino' in Front of Sheriff Arpaio's Tent City Jail

Renowned world music recording artist Manu Chao sings his classic migrant song “Clandestino” in a new video with the infamous tent city jail of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio — or as we like to call him, Arpayaso! — serving as the backdrop. Inmates at tent city are exposed to the state's weather extremities and Arpaio once called it his 'concentration camp' without even a moment's flinch.

Back in September, the musician came to Arizona, where anti-immigrant sentiment has run amok, upon the invitation of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network. While there, Chao bore witness to the injustices faced by immigrants and communities of color before performing a free 'Alto Arizona' show on September 21.

Alex Rivera, who saw his film Sleep Dealer, a futuristic science-fiction take on immigration, hit movie theaters in 2008, directed the poignant music video. “Clandestino” in Arizona was an underground guerrilla operation as requests to film on location were ignored by authorities. With that, both musician and director sprung from their vehicles, got the shots they needed anyway, and left before anyone could say otherwise. The special Arizona edition of the song features some lyrical changes as Chao sings “Mexicano, clandestino! Hondureño, clandestino! Guatemalteco, clandestino! Maricopa, ilegal!” emphatically pointing his thumb to the tent city jail behind him after the last line.

Manu Chao fans and pro-immigrant supporters alike can also visit Alto Arizona online to enter a chance to win a free limited edition signed poster and t-shirt from the festival concert. Donations for unsigned items are also available.

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