Man Dressed As Burger King Mascot Pranks a McDonald's. Cops Called.

In more bizarre Burger King-related news, a prankster dressed as The Burger King showed up at a McDonald's in Rome, Georgia, and started handing out free bags of burgers, prancing around the restaurant, and posing for pictures with children. The Rome News-Tribune writes that the police report says “one child took a picture with him and ran away as he appeared to be scared.” 

When confronted by the manager of the Golden Arches the man muttered something about contributing to some children's charity. 

The manager then called the cops on him. 
The involvement of the police might have been exactly what the pranksters never knew they always wanted. You can see a video uploaded to YouTube by the perps (a comedy troupe called TheWoodcreekFaction) below…which seems to spend just as much time relishing the news coverage that stemmed from the police report as the prank itself.

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