Man Creates Oreo Creme Removal Machine

Wanna see something completely pointless but utterly cool? A Portland man has spent an entire “0.04 years” perfecting an Oreo separator. David Neevel, who is apparently a physicist, has created the contraption using aluminum scraps, wood, a hatchet, a CNC router table and dental floss. It performs one simple task: removing the annoying creme from the chocolate cookie.


He was commissioned by Nabisco, the makers of Oreo, for the project, part of their “Cookies vs. Creme” viral marketing campaign. So yes, he was paid to do this, but the Rube Goldberg-esque machine, the man and the hilarity of his deadpan delivery is real.

The funniest part? When he recounts the sacrifices he's made to finish the project, including not seeing his girlfriend and dog for hours and having to find “a good sandwich in this part of the city.”

Watch Neevel's video below:

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