Man Arrested for Serial Rapes in Santa Ana Kills Himself in Long Beach: Police

A man arrested for a series of rapes we told you about here bailed out of jail and committed suicide, according to the Santa Ana Police Department.

Joseph Raymond Stanton was found dead in an apartment in the 1200 block of 3rd Street in Long Beach on Friday, according to a police advisory that adds there was no sign of foul play, that the 42-year-old left behind suicide notes and that he told others he was contemplating taking his own life.

Tips came in to Santa Ana Police after the issuance of a news release on June 2 about the August 2015 and January 2016 sexual assaults and an attempted sexual assault where three self-admitted female prostitutes were the victims.

Detectives gathered more evidence before arresting Stanton for the crimes on June 29, police say.  The advisory claims DNA from the two completed rapes matched Stanton’s DNA.

Despite $1 million bail, Stanton posted a bond and was released from jail on June 30.

The next day,  Long Beach cops found him dead, due to apparent suicide, Santa Ana Police say.

The investigation continues, and anyone with additional information is asked to contact Cpl. Javier Aceves at 714.245.8542.

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