Mammoth Mountain Radio Ad Ridicules Mexican Food

Driving today, listening to KLOS-FM 95.5, I heard an ad for Mammoth Mountain. Don't know if it was a resort, tourism board, or who (I don't ski–shit, I can barely walk on two feet). The ad was urging people to visit this winter, and to offer no more excuses, one of which involved getting “food poisoning at that new Mexican restaurant.”

Of course.


The ad didn't dare make a crack about Chinese, Japanese, or any other ethnic cuisine because people would've rightfully made a stink about it. The ad couldn't even have left it at mere “food poisoning”–nope, it had to mention Mexican food, the instigator of Montezuma's revenge and pepper belly, of greasiness and farts, burps and so many other physical maladies.

Congrats, Mammoth Mountain ad, on relying on centuries-old stereotypes for a cheap joke!

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