Making Change

Women For is OC’s oldest feminist outfit so these activists (sponsors of the annual Great American Write-In) oughta know who deserves an award or two or four. At this year’s Suffrage Day Luncheon, Women For’s prizes for uppityism and integrity go to three gals and a fella: Flossie Horgan, Executive Director of the Bolsa Chica Land Trust, for protecting some of Southern California’s last wetlands; Lucia Munoz of Mujeres Iniciando en las America, a human rights organization fighting abuse of Guatemalan women; Ruth Shapiro of the Cousins Club of OC, where Jews meet Palestinians for peacemaking; and Irvine High teacher Jim Antenore, campus Amnesty International and Students for Social Responsibility advisor. Maybe if you start now in ten or twenty years they’ll give you an award. Meanwhile, pony up a donation, rub activist shoulders and chow down in honor of some pretty righteous folks.

Sat., Aug. 23, 11 a.m., 2008

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