Make Your Own Dosas and Idlis With the Help of Dosa Place!

The picture says it all, ¿qué no? But there's more to the sign after the jump.

You can buy dosa and idli batter at any Indian grocery, but you should get it from the fine folks at Dosa Place. This picture was taken at their original Tustin location, off Red Hill Avenue, but I'm sure you can also order the batter at their other Tustin location, off 17th Street. Dosa Place, after all, makes the best dosas and idlis (you might know the dosa, but the idli is a bit more rarefied despite its humble status as a big orb of slightly musky flour) in the county. I'm not a cook like Dave and Shuji, but we'd love to hear feedback from someone who buys their flour…keep us posted!

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