“Magic Catdom” Championship Cat Show

The animal for which the internet was invented, the majestic feline, has enraptured people to such a scale not seen since the Egyptians drank too much embalming fluid and decided cats were tiny furry gods. Presented by the Crown City Cat Club, this expo (referred to as the “Magic Catdom”) is a CFA sanctioned show featuring the finest specimens of feline breeds. Whether they have yet to include an “internet cat” category, one can only dream. Join fellow cat enthusiasts to fawn and squeal over hundreds of these beautiful creatures under one roof, groomed to purrfection and on display—but just know that no matter how much you love putting bows on your kitty's head, behind those milk-saucer eyes they're plotting your ruin. Or at least hacking up a hairball in your slipper.

Jan. 11-12, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., 2014

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