Magia Moderna Market, Eye of the Cat and Other Local Shops That Help You Channel Your Inner Hipster Witch

Hipster fashion has been dipping its toes into the occult in just about every way possible, from pentagram jewelry to Ouija-themed apparel. It takes from a variety of sources—holism, mysticism, Wiccan spiritualism and more—and gives it a 1990s Goth bent.

But if you want to open up that third eye and really unleash the mystic within, you gotta hit up your local apothecary. Our spot of choice is the Eye of the Cat in Long Beach. SoCal’s largest hermetic supplier since 1974 provides objects such as healing crystals, sage brushes, candles and herbs galore. Spell kits will alter your personal, business, financial or love life in your favor, or even help you win that court case. Additionally, there are classes for aspiring tarot or palm readers, as well as readings. As if it weren’t witchy enough, you’ll be greeted by a couple of black cats that dwell there. 3314 E. Broadway, Long Beach, (562) 438-3569;

Local retailers are also putting brujería in your beauty regimen: Santa Ana’s Occulture Shop produces soaps that implement natural healing and the idea of ritual bathing to spiritually (and physically) cleanse the user. Its products are free of detergents or synthetic fragrances and are made from ingredients such as lime, poppy, patchouli, charcoal, rosemary, sandalwood and clay. And they’re vegan! If they’re good enough for Vogue, they’re good enough for us. 207 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, (714) 603-6244;

In the world of online retailers, OC-based botanical-skin-care-maker SoapyLayne ( offers mud masks, oils, bath salts, bath teas, perfumes, eye-makeup remover and lip balm, as well as special chakra oil and stone sets created from similar natural products. And keep an eye out for Magia Moderna Market ( in March, when holistic makers, hermetic vendors, psychic consultants and more will converge in SanTana to peddle black-magic goods.

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