Maggie Gallagher: Prop 8 Reversal Would End Human Species


Folks are passionate on both sides of the gay-marriage debate, but at the end of the day, however the courts ultimately rule on California's Prop 8, it's not the like the world is going to end the next day.

Uh, check that . . . 

Forgot to first run that blanket statement by Maggie Gallagher, former president of the National Organization for Marriage (NAMBLA).

Speaking on the Christian Broadcasting Network, Gallagher tied the reversal of Prop 8 to the end of the human species.

“If Judge [Vaughan] Walker's decision is allowed to stand, if it's affirmed by the Supreme Court, it will be the end of marriage as we know it in all 50 states, and the beginning of a new regime where marriage means any two people and is no longer related to bringing together mothers and fathers to make and raise the next generation.”

Watch for yourself below. And pray—pray real hard:

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