Lynne Curtin, Former Real Housewife, Claims She is Really Broke; Just $100 to Her Name

Lynne Curtin is apparently down to a state not depicted on her former hit reality show, The Real Housewives of Orange County.

It's not that she's divorcing her husband Frank, as break-ups are quite normal on the hit Bravo show.

Nope, it's Curtin claiming she has less than $100 to her name.


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It's really no surprise that court documents in Curtin's divorce filing indicate she is broke given her elusive grip on money. She once faced a third eviction from her Laguna Beach home for failing to pay a security deposit of more than $12,000–and the fourth eviction proceedings were caught by Bravo's cameras. (Not caught: Curtin being questioned by police after the property owner reported the loss of several expensive pieces of furniture from the home.

In 2009, a Riverside judge issued a bench warrant for Frank and Lynne Curtin after they failed to show up to court to answer questions relating to a $1.2 million judgment they were ordered to pay to a former business partner.

By the way, as the couple's financial setback were being written up and recorded for the show, Lynne still managed to plastic surgery performed on herself. Because it's the little things that count.

Lynne Curtin is Now a Wanted “Real Housewife”

In the divorce court documents, Curtin claims to make only $250 a month (or $3,000 a year) from her jewelry business. (Why, she couldn't even afford a cotton swab from her plastic surgeon now!) Her $515 monthly expenses go for eating out, laundry, entertainment, shopping, clothes, phone and email. There's also $30,000 in back taxes and attorney fees for her divorce lawyer to consider.

Sounds like Frank better lawyer up too, if he hasn't already.

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