LXGNDXRY’s Do-Gooder Streetwear Wants You to Tap Into the Legend Within

SanTana-based brand LXGNDXRY (pronounced “legendary”) promotes social consciousness and altruism through its streetwear apparel, with sales going toward a specific cause each season. Previous collections have gathered funds for LIVESTRONG, food-recovery charity Waste Not OC, scholarships and more. But LXGNDXRY is focused most on inspiring the legend within everyone to follow their dreams and passions while connecting with their community. Hokey? Maybe, but what are YOU doing to improve this damned world?

Developed by brothers Eric and Ricardo Cachua and friend Aaron Garcia, LXGNDXRY sprouted from their disparate influences: hip-hop culture, music, Ricardo’s health issues, as well as Eric’s own experience learning how to make clothes. In the brand’s short existence, it has already hit a groove that sees consistently sold-out lines and a loyal fan base that responds enthusiastically to the clothing’s style and do-gooder message.

The latest collection, which revolves around the theme “Aspire to Inspire,” features six new designs, including collaborations with local artists such as tattooer Wade Gracia, emblazoned on hats and shirts. “This clothing line allows me to kind of use my creative side and gives me an outlet to do things I actually wanna do and helps me create for a cause,” says Eric. “We’re not making much money off of it since it’s been so early, but it’s touched a lot of people. It’s just very gratifying and satisfying to us and keeps us inspired to keep doing what we’re doing.”

“Even the feedback of how good the designs are makes me feel good about it, it means we’re going in the right direction,” adds Ricardo.

This Saturday, the LXGNDXRY team hosts an installation of the collection, offering audio, print and video components in a gallery setting, as well as a couple of Q&A sessions with the founders. Meet the team, buy some shirts, and learn about a great apparel brand striving to make a difference.

“Aspire to Inspire” at LXGNDXRY, 210 E. Fourth St., Santa Ana; www. facebook.com/LXGNDXRY. Sat., 7:15 p.m.

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