Luis Epifano, Bloodied and Half-Naked Parolee, Allegedly Leads Cops on Chase That Ends on Preschool Roof and Our Ugly Police Mugshot Roll

At least you can say this about Luis Epifano, this week's ugliest police mugshot “winner”:

He posed while wearing clothing.

Unfortunately for Santa Ana police officers, that's not how they found him . . . on the roof of a preschool.

It all began when someone who'd broken into two cars in
the 1000 block of North Van Ness Avenue late Wednesday severely cut himself while trying to break into a third.

That produced a blood trail Santa Ana Police Department (SAPD) cops were able to follow to an apartment in the 1200 block of
North Ross Street. But the bloodied one had already jumped off a second-story balcony and bolted by the time officers arrived.

A police helicopter spotted a sweaty man wearing only a T-shirt and tennis shoes hiding near a parked car. Under the bright lights, he ran to the area of the 1000 block of Ross, where he hid under a home.

Arriving officers later caught up with the man climbing the roof of Storybook Pre-School, 1032 N. Ross St., Santa Ana. As he paced the roof, cops fired what was described as a “nonlethal projectile” at the bloodied and barely stitched fellow, but if had no effect.

The man then jumped off the roof and was tased–which did have an effect. He was subdued, held at Santa Ana Jail and identified as Epifano, who it turns out was on parole for robbery and attempted murder.

Now he has burglary, resisting officers and parole
violations to add to his rap sheet.

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