Luis and Rocio Garcia, Former Prominent OC Scientologists, Sue Scientology for Fraud Over Donations

While New Yorker writer Lawrence Wright continues to do his victory tour for his magnificent book-length exposé on Scientology, Irvine residents Luis and Rocio Garcia are getting sue-y against their former church.

You might remember the couple from 2011, when the St. Petersburg Times revealed they had donated more than a million dollars over the years to the Church of Scientology, only to repudiate the current hierarchy under David Miscavige. Now, they're suing in federal court in Florida, alleging that Scientology leaders committed fraud with about $400,000 of their donations.


For all the details of the lawsuit (and the lawsuit itself), head over to the website of my eternal amigo and mentor (and OC boy!), Tony Ortega, who broke the story and writes the lawsuit “appears to be the most serious legal challenge to Scientology in several years.” The only thoughts I can offer is that this only proves anew that the big show that Scientology put on when it opened its Ideal Org in downtown SanTana last year was as realistic as Tom Cruise looming over his leading ladies. More–much more–as the lawsuit winds its way through the legal swamp…

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