Lucille Kring, Anaheim Mayoral Candidate, Praises Killing of Cholo by Anaheim Police–Then Apologizes

Anaheim can always count on councilwoman and Mayoral candidate Lucille Kring to say something truly cringe-worthy. And after a shootout with Anaheim police left 21-year-old Robert 'Lil Clumsy' Moreno, Jr. dead and Bruno the Police Dog severely injured, the Know Nothing pendeja didn't disappoint, taking to a listserv for residents of the so-called “Colony” district (aka the old homes near Pearson Park NOT lived in by wabs) to share her thoughts.

“Bruno is a true hero as are all the canine police officers,” Kring wrote. “And the shooting saved us a trial. Always a good outcome.”

Yeah! Tough-on-cholos Kring for the win…until some political handler or other most likely called Kring up, pointed out to her Moreno was a human under the American Constitution, then reminded her about the public slapdown served to fellow councilwoman Gail Eastman for the Anaheim riots of 2012. Within 24 hours, Kring not only retracted her comment, but apologized in the most PC-pendeja way possible.


“This morning I made a careless and insensitive statement in an on-line newsgroup that does not reflect my values,” Kring wrote in the followup. “The loss of a human life is always a tragedy. He was someone's son, maybe an uncle, brother, father. I apologize unreservedly for my statement and I hope you will forgive me.”

Way to woman up and stand by your original remarks! But then again, when does the notoriously fork-tongued councilwoman and licensed attorney ever not talk out of both sides of her mouth?

Hey, Lucille: since you just tripped over your words again, if you ever need a moniker, we've got a perfect one for you…Big Clumsy!

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