Louis Matthew Teresi, Newport Beach Radiologist, Placed on Five Years Probation by California Medical Board for Being a Drunk

The joke of doctors enjoying a few brews on the golf course after a long day at the hospital is a well-worn one. But actual drunk docs? No one wants those, least of all the California Medical Board, the organization in charge of disciplining doctors for various transgressions. The Board can actually revoke a physician's license for being a lush, and that's what they've threatened to do to Lois Matthew Teresi if he doesn't get his act together.

In the summer, the board filed a formal accusation against Teresi
claiming his use of alcohol was impairing his abilities to properly
function as a radiologist and was a danger to himself and others.
“[Teresi] is addicted to alcohol,” the accusation read. “[His] current
abuse of alcohol has negatively affected his performance on the job,
and abilities, as a physician and surgeon, and has interfered with his
ability to practice medicine safely.” Unfortunately, there are no lurid
stories as in other Medical Board accusations, so we just have to take the Medical Board's word.

Teresi accepted a plea bargain back in October that included an admission of the drunk charges, but the probation went into effect of last week. As a condition of his probation, Teresi must abstain from drugs and alcohol, undergo a psychiatric evaluation, and “submit to biological fluid testing” at the request of the Board, with the costs paid by him.

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