Louis C.K. – Hollywood Improv – September 21, 2012

Louis C.K.
September 21, 2012
Hollywood Improv

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Last time Louie C.K. did a show at the Hollywood Improv it sold out in forty-five minutes. Around 10:00 am on September 21st, the Hollywood Improv announced that Louie would be doing a “secret show” there at 7:30 p.m. Thirty minutes later the show was sold out which really speaks volumes about his popularity being higher than ever. When you witness his set live it's easy to see why people love him though. With a career that spans over 25 years, Louie makes everything he says relatable by keeping it honest when it comes to stories about his life and by spouting observational scenarios that may or may not be true. Either way one thing is certain, his delivery and stage persona will bring you to tears.

Louie came out to plenty of hoots and hollers from the 100+ audience members chomping at the bit to see him live. He started in on a situation that he had in his NY building that he lives in and after the hysterical story ended, he explained it never happened. Yeah he baited us right out of the gate but clearly no one minded as we still hung on his every word. He told us that he has an inside personality named “Trisha” (that looks like Mila Kunis), and how he likes to eaves drop saying when he walks in front of hot girls he likes to listen in just in case he hears them say, “I wish this guy walking in front of use would turn around and squeeze my tits.”


He also touched on his weight-loss woes saying, “I am 45 now and I just lost 36 pounds. I'm kidding. I haven't lost weight ever. I've never lost a pound in my life.” He also had tips for those who struggle with food and that advice goes as follows, “If you see something you want to eat, eat it. Then eat it again. Then take a nap because it feels really good.” Fuck sakes, this man is a genius.

Louie literally brought the house down when he waxed poetic on his age, how his ass looks like “the waistband on old pajamas,” and how dating is fun but at this point he'd “rather ask questions than fuck” because he likes fucking, but he has a lot of questions. Not to be overlooked, Louie also said that skinny guys have it made because all they have to say is, “Hi I'm Chad and I'm here for the easy pussy. Where is it? Oh, it's everywhere? Perfect.”

Even though Louie comes across quite confident in his performance he told the crowd, “Don't clap. These are new jokes. You got ripped off with your tickets!” As if. The crowd ate Louis C.K. up tonight giving him a standing ovation because the show was nothing short of spectacular.

Shout out to his two awesome openers Pete Correale and Allan Havey also. They're both east coast guys and they're both completely hilarious. Allan especially killed when he asked a guy in the audience what he did for a living and the guy next to him replied, “He's a gynecologist and I'm his ventriloquist.” Allan then proceeded to rip the “ventriloquist” a new one while the crowd roared with laughter. I guess the saying is true, everyone thinks they're a comic.

Critic's Bias: Louie rules. Soooooo worth the two hour drive (thank you, L.A. traffic).

The Crowd: The audience was a mix of hipster L.A. guys and their pals, Chris Evans (from The Avengers) and Minka Kelly, stand-up comics gaining inspiration, and a ton of plaid shirts. Like seriously. About 80% of the guys in the audience were wearing plaid. Not saying anything is wrong with that, it's just an observation.

Overheard in the Crowd:
*Louie is my favorite comic ever!
*What an epic night.
*I can't wait until he comes back into town! We have to see him again!

Random notebook dump: Two guys in the audience (coincidently one was the “ventriloquist” mentioned before) laughed when Louie was talking about “sticking your dick in a vagina” but then immediately looked mighty uncomfortable when he mentioned something about gay men. Classic.

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