Lori Kenyon is Cleansed, Ripped and Crowned

What do you do after you cleanse your body?

If you're Lori Kenyon, co-founder of organic juice cleanse company Ritual Cleanse of Costa Mesa, you get really ripped, compete in your first Natural Universe Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships and take first place in the Open Sports Model division, a second in the Masters Sports Model and a third in Bikini Divas.

The Orange County native accomplished this feat Nov. 6 in Los Angeles.

The International Natural Body Building Association is one of the largest bodybuilding associations, and it advocates the use of natural supplements and completely bans illegal performing enhancing drugs.

A health, fitness and nutrition expert, Kenyon developed Ritual Cleanse with business partner Marra O. St. Clair after feeling sluggish and suspecting she was full of toxins after an extended round of antibiotics. The organic fruit and vegetable juice cleanse hit the market this year.

It's apparently working well on Kenyon.

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