Loretta Sanchez To Florida Sen. Marco Rubio: You are an Untrustworthy Poseur

Two congressional Democrats including Loretta Sanchez tag teamed Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio on MSNBC this afternoon for his fraudulent attempt to hail himself as a victim of Fidel Castro's dictatorial Cuban regime.

“We don't need someone who makes up his resume,” Sanchez told MSNBC “Hardball” host Chris Matthews. “From a Latino perspective, we probably don't trust him.”

As noted previously on Navel Gazing, the Washington Post recently reported that Rubio, until then arguably a potential frontrunner for the vice presidential slot with the next Republican presidential candidate, has repeatedly embellished his family history for political advantage.

Rubio has claimed that his parents fled the Castro regime when they came to the United States, but a Post reporter discovered official government documents that proved his family left Cuba years before Castro took control.


(It's been hilarious watching Republican campaign strategists angrily claim in network TV appearances that Rubio is being smeared.)

Orange County's lone Democrat in Congress, ridiculed Rubio for taking
advantage of the immigrant community by using his false persecution
credentials to undermine Latino immigrant interests.

“He got caught,” she told Matthews.

She also noted that Latinos who live under dictatorships aren't given the same special immigration access to the U.S. that Cubans are granted.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez
joined Sanchez on the show and slammed Rubio, a freshman senator, for
“exploiting” immigrant issues for his own selfish political advancement
in the Republican Party.

Sanchez represents the world's largest concentration of Vietnamese immigrants outside of their native country as well as a huge Latino immigrant population based in Santa Ana.

–R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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