Loretta Sanchez Pounds Van Tran Again For Sleeping At His Desk

Van Tran must be feeling sore under his chin after Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez slugged him again today with another hostile mailbox piece that capitalizes on the unfortunate picture of a closed-eyed Tran apparently sleeping at his state assembly desk.

“California's economy is declining . . . The state budget is on the brink of disaster . . . [images of depressing newspaper headlines] . . . Where has Assemblyman Van Tran been?” reads the front of the four-sided, glossy ad. 
Accompanying the notorious Tran picture is Sanchez's answer.


“Asleep at the wheel,” says the ad. “While Assemblyman Van Tran is dozing, Californians are suffering . . . Van Tran seems more concerned with pocketing political perks at taxpayer expense . . . and doing favors for special interests who have donated tens of thousands of dollars to his campaign . . . Now he wants your vote for Congress? Wake up, Van Tran. The last thing we need in Washington is a greedy Sacramento politician.”
(Personally, I'm one of those who believes that California would be better off if all legislators slept thru each session.)
For his part, Tran's mail has portrayed Sanchez as a mental lightweight and party animal who has done nothing of substance during her many terms in office.
The upcoming debate on KOCE should be quite entertaining.
–R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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