Loretta Sanchez: Nine-Year-Old Told Me to Dab at End of U.S. Senate Debate, So I Did

By now, everybody and their mama knows Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez dropped a dab at the end of Wednesday night's U.S. Senate debate against rival Kamala Harris. The move baffled old fogies who need to game up on youth hip-hop youth culture. For everybody else in the know, the Sanchez dab seemed to come out of nowhere. But here's the reason: a nine-year old dancer asked the congresswoman to drop a dab for her during the debate. 

Before heading off to the debate, Sanchez had a makeup artist prep her at home. Jamieson, the young daughter of the makeup artist, tagged along doing homework. She stopped to teach Sanchez how to dab and offered up a suggestion. “She told me to drop a dab when I was done with the debate,” Sanchez tells the Weekly. “So that was for Jamieson.”

Sanchez didn't want to disappoint the little girl, even if it came at the expense of some heads scratching. And here we were wondering if the idea came from SanTana councilman Sal Tinajero, a legendary high school debate coach who prepped Sanchez before her showdown with Harris…

We'll give Sanchez this: She did dab better than previous awkward attempts by Senator Elizabeth Warren and Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Harris shaded Sanchez for sure, but she should have came at her with a Harlem Shake instead! The interwebz is already getting creative with Sanchez's dab, setting it to Migos' “Look at My Dab” and throwing in dabbin' Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton for good measure. 
Sanchez's team put on a positive spin, saying on Twitter, “this is why Millennials are supporting Loretta Sanchez for U.S. Senate. PPIC poll: Loretta 38, @KamalaHarris 24. Boom!” But a September Field Poll shows Harris with sizable leads in the millennial age brackets. Last month's Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) poll also had Harris generally up in the race by seven percent, a margin that widens when factoring folks who plan on not voting for either of them. 

That being said, the Weekly's line has always been 'Don't underestimate Loretta,” dab and all. Just don't go twerking now, congresswoman!

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