Loretta Sanchez Hints Obama Endorsed Kamala Harris for Senate Because They’re Black

Earlier today, I was telling a reporter for a national publication who might do a story on Orange County…something…to never underestimate Loretta Sanchez, the longtime congresswoman who’s running for Dianne Feinstein’s California Senator seat against California Attorney General Kamala Harris.

“Yeah,” said the reporter, “but she always does stupid things,” going on to repeat the greatest hits: the Vietnamese-bashing, the Indian war cries, the Playboy mansion fundraiser, and so much more.

“Yeah,” I replied, “but she always somehow bounces back.”

I said this hours before the Los Angeles Times broke the story that Sanchez coyly threw out there that maybe President Barack Obama endorsed Harris over her because the two of them are African-Americans.

¡Pinche Loretta!

Sanchez said that statement in an interview that’s going to air tomorrow on Conexión California, an Univisión public-affairs show that Times reporter Phil Willon and Jazmine Ulloa happened to catch a portion of on a Sacramento Univisión station. Univisión still doesn’t allow embedding of its videos, but you can catch the snippet here. The key quote happens early on, when she tries to explain to the host why she thinks Obama sided with Harris.

“It’s because they have—I believe they have—what he’s said is that they have a friendship of many years,” Sanchez babbled. “She’s African-American; so is he. They know each other through meetings.”

To paraphrase Wood-Yi: What are you saying?

Now, let’s wait to see Loretta explains her way out of this one—OY VEY…

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