Loretta Sanchez Dabs During U.S. Senate Debate, World Wonders WTF?!

Last night at Cal State L.A., the only scheduled debate for the California U.S. Senate race between OC's own Loretta Sanchez and attorney general Kamala Harris ended on what seemed like a bizarre note. After giving her closing remark, going way over the limit that moderator and KABC-TV Channel 7 anchor Marc Brown gave her, Loretta's final point? A dab.

Since Orange County  has no black people, let us quickly explain what a dab is. It's a dance that got popular in Atlanta's hip-hop scene earlier this decade that involves the dancer bowing their head down while pointing one hand at a 45-degree angle to the air  and the other thrust strongly in front of the head—think of it as a G curtsy. The dab was thrust onto the national stage last year after Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton used it as a touchdown celebration. And now it's been appropriated by Loretta, one of the uncoolest people on the planet, which means the dab has officially joined Tebowing and planking as stupid millennial gestures gone the way of the Watusi.

Here's the video, as captured by a KNBC-TV Channel 4 reporter:

Loretta's campaign tried to play it off as her appealing to the millennial vote, but it's actually her secret goodbye to fans in a career that has seen her accomplish little more than appallingly stupid moments, of which you can find multiple articles in our archives but include saying Vietnamese wanted to steal her seat, Obama only supporting Harris because they're black, and greeting Indian-Americans with a Sioux war whoop. The last thing we'll say for now is that Cam Newton got humiliated during the Super Bowl, and has had a terrible season so far, so for Loretta to use a dab as her victory dance…um, yeah. OY VEY…

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