Loretta Sanchez Cancels UC Riverside Commencement Speech at Behest of Union Masters

Yesterday's announcement by Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (D-Won't Co-Sponsor DREAM Act) took about as much political courage as affixing a flag pin to her outfit. She is honoring a request by the American Federation of State, County
and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 3299–the chapter that represents
the University of California's non-academic laborers–for all
commencement speakers to boycott graduation ceremonies because AFSCME
workers are getting screwed by the regents.

“My family roots are in organized labor and, in good conscience, I
cannot and will not cross the picket line to speak,” Sanchez stated for
an AFSCME Local 3299 statement.

By “family roots,” of course, she meant “political war chest.”

Loretta depends on Big Labor's money to survive like Diocese of Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown needs ignorant Catholics (going to drop something on you tomorrow–I'm warning you, Brownie). According to campaign finance records for the 2008 election cycle reviewed by the Weekly, unions that made it into the top 100 of Loretta's donors gave $266,600 (not a typo–perhaps a sign from God?) to Sanchez's campaign–including a nice $6,000 donation by the AFSCME Local 3299's mother group. In the 2010 campaign, Big Labor has already sent $138,500 among her top 100 donors–and AFSCME passed along $5,000 to Loretta.

In fact, in the course of her political career, the AFSCME has showered Loretta with an astounding $54,500. Having Loretta boycott a speech on behalf of her political papis is laughable and takes no courage–and is therefore not a commendable move at all. Want to win fans, Loretta? Stand with DREAM Act students, not those who pull your strings…

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