Loretta Sanchez Asked to Speak About DREAM Act at Pomona College, Talks About Herself Instead

Here at your favorite infernal rag, we have long criticized Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez for not having the, um, ovaries to support the DREAM Act, waiting until the tragic death of a DREAMer to co-sponsor the bill in Congress. Of course, we always hear it from Loretta apologists aghast that we criticize THE ONLY OC DEMOCRAT IN CONGRESS because, you know, we shouldn't.

Look, folks: we don't get a perverse pleasure out of it, but we gotta criticize politicians when they do something stupid–hence, our truthful description of OC Republicans as either pedophiles, closet homosexuals, corrupt, or a combination of all three. So here we are, criticizing Loretta again for putting herself before the interest of undocumented college students.

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This past Monday, Sanchez was invited to speak on the DREAM Act at Pomona College, on the invitation as part of the school's César Chávez celebration. Instead, according to the always vigilant Adriana Maestas of Latino Politics Blog, Sanchez spent the speech (titled “The Dream Act: The Status of Immigration Reform”) talking about herself, and talked about the DREAM Act only when prompted by Maestas, who has also been fierce in her criticism of Sanchez despite being an Aztlanista. Look at the proof yourself:

Check out how she mispronounces the Spanish word for jacket. And STILL using Bob Dornan to score political points? FUNNY…

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