The blackest of black comedies, when Loot first premiered to London audiences in the '60s, people were outraged. Why? Perhaps it was the presence of a dead elderly woman's body being moved around a house. perhaps it was the distasteful decision of the story's two main characters, Dennis and Hal, to rob a bank (next to Hal's place of employment: a mortuary), and hide the cash in Dennis' dearly departed mom's coffin. Flash forward the better part of 50 years and audiences can stomach a lot more. The latest revival of this “comedic masterpiece” comes to the Stages Theatre in Fullerton and runs through the end of the month. Don't miss this story written by Joe Orton and directed here by Jesse Runde—and see for yourself whether this play is as offensive now as it was when it originally debuted.

Fridays, Saturdays, 8 p.m. Starts: April 19. Continues through April 27, 2014

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