Long-Stalled In-N-Out Opens Friday in Costa Mesa

You may have not realized it, but there was a long hard slog to get the In-N-Out that replaces Kaplan's Deli off the Harbor exit of the 405 approved through the proper authorities.  It opens on Friday.

As the Daily Pilot reports, “The approval process was lengthy, requiring both the city and the California Department of Transportation's approval, but it only took five months to build the restaurant.”

One of the points of contention was a 65-foot billboard, which opponents
argued would be an eyesore and create traffic problems–an issue
apparently resolved since I saw no such object when I drove by the
location last week.

This In-N-Out looks to be like most others, without one of those gigantically comical, dry-ice-smoke-spewing 3D reliefs of a Double-Double.


Also, this new link in the beloved burger chain will be Costa Mesa's second In-N-Out and the county's 22nd.

Now for a piece of useless trivia: OC Cities which In-N-Out has yet to conquer.

Aliso Viejo
Dana Point
Fountain Valley
La Palma
Laguna Beach
Laguna Woods
Lake Forest
Los Alamitos
Mission Viejo
Newport Beach
Rancho Santa Margarita
San Clemente
San Juan Capistrano
Seal Beach
Villa Park
Yorba Linda

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