Long Beach's At Last Café Expands

Some good news from a Long Beach favorite of mine, At Last Café. Darcy Leigh Richardson of the Grunion Gazette reports that the little restaurant by John McLaughlin featured on our print pages and lauded in a few Best Of issues, has finally decided to expand.

McLaughlin's wife nixed the idea moving to a bigger location, instead opting to take over a “head shop” (McLaughlin's words) next door. The restaurant will double its seat count from 15 to 30. Even with this news, methinks the pent-up demand will see lines as usual.

Richardson also quotes McLaughlin as saying that “I'm not sure if we'll change the menu at all (with the expansion) or add items. I have a pizza oven in storage that would be nice to bring out … But we're still going to encourage reservations in advance no matter what.”

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