Long Beach Register Deletes Tweet Asking Readers Whether Vaccinating Kids is a “Good or Bad Idea”

It's not even a week old, yet the Long Beach Register–the five-days-a-week effort by the Orange County Register to expand into the LBC–is already proving itself the joke it was destined to be.

See, on Friday they tweeted out this question: “Hey, readers, What do you think of vaccinating children? Is it a good or bad idea?”

Someone's been paying too much attention to Jenny McCarthy and other anti-vaccination loons. Anyoo, the Reg's Twitter followers gave them so much hell that the tweet was deleted–but that doesn't mean it's been completely excised from the web, thank Jeebus.


Here are just a couple of reactions, from pesky media types. Kate Aurthur, for instance, works for Buzzfeed:

Aurthur's tweet was retweeted by Caitlin Kelly, senior web producer for the New Yorker, who also added this bon mot:

And here's our beloved Doran Walot, who was an intern for us about a decade ago, is now based in the East Coast, but still keeps those anti-Reg fires burning. Good work, young padawan!

The Reg desperately tried to save face with this Saturday tweet:

STOP THE PRESSES. We just got the latest question from the Long Beach Register's Twitter feed: “Hey, readers, What do you think of murdering children? Is it a good or bad idea?”

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