Long Beach Re-Defines Its Sound With New Mixtape Series

Our readers often ask why this infernal rag is so intent on making Long Beach feel like it's a part of OC. Well, aside from a geographical border, we have one thing common–LBC knows what it's like to to be grossly misinterpreted or stereotyped when it comes to music. To many people outside the city limits, Long Beach music boils down to the hometown of Sublime and Snoop Dogg. Luckily, there's a local organization that's helping change that limited perception.

Long Beach Compilations is a collective of local artists committed to releasing a series mix tapes highlighting today's acts that summarize the terrain of the current music scene. The product is a digital and physical release of the album called the MIXTAPE project. To help the organization fund its costs of putting out the physical release, they've launched a short series of fundraising shows continuing tonight at 4th St. Vine wine bar.


Each edition of the MIXTAPE project will focus on a particular genre. The first volume of the features the work of Long Beach Rock and Psychedelic artists. Released in digital form last month, the project includes songs from 15 artists from around the city. It's available to your perusal below.

The series of shows to help fund the album/cassette release continues tonight a 7p.m. with Damned Age, These Are Villains, and The Vespertines. There is no cover charge for any night of the fundraiser series, instead there will be a donation bin set up each night collecting funds for the project. It will conclude on June 16 with the physical release party for the physical release with performances by Doctor KA, Big Sun and The Barrelhousers. All shows are 21 and over. For those of you thirsting for a craft brew and a local show early in the week, this is the one to check out. Just be sure to bring a couple extra bucks with you for the cause.

For more info on Long Beach Compilations and details the show tonight at 7 p.m. , please visit: facebook.com/longbeachcompilations

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