Lola Gaspar to Host Donald Trump Piñata-Bashing BBQ July 25!

Lola Gaspar wingman Eddie Perez writes in to let us know that not only does his fine SanTana restaurant have a Donald Trump piñata (already on display at Lola's patio, which just expanded), but that he's going to have FIVE piñatas. And to celebrate the destruction of those piñatas, Lola Gaspar is going to hold a barbecue on July 25–HELL YA!!!


On the menu: tri-tip, roasted corn, their beautiful al pastor tacos, and frozen margaritas. And, of course, the bashing-in of the Trump piñatas. Will happen from noon until 3 p.m., officially, but I'm sure you'll see borrachos wear Trump's head as a hat well into the night. See you there!

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