Lola Gaspar Now Offering an Outside BBQ Brunch Every Sunday! Using Mesquite!

Last Sunday, the chica and I wanted to take some friends to Lola Gaspar and get shit-faced. But we were locked out by the brothers Perez, Eddie and Luis. Seems they were getting ready to debut a new Sunday brunch special: outdoor BBQ.

That was cool enough. But then the distinct scent of mesquite filled the air. Did I somehow enter a worm hole and was now in Baja? Even better: the grill master was busy burning down logs of the tree so Lola’s could ‘cue with it. HELL YA!!!!

Throughout the summer, Lola Gaspar will offer a BBQ brunch every Sunday. On the menu: corn on the cob, a decadent $7 quarter-pounder with cheese, a weekly sausage (Spanish this past Sunday; merguez next week), Argentine-style skirt steak, some prawns and more…that I forgot because I was too busy pounding piña coladas. Booze, meat, smoke, and a patio—what else do you need on a Sunday afternoon? Oh, and ’70s country—LOTS of ’70s country. GO GO GO!

Lola Gaspar, 211 W. Second St., Santa Ana, (714) 972-1172;

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