L'Occitane en Provence: It's Like Butter!

The new L'Occitane en Provence boutique at South Coast Plaza's Crystal Court offers shoppers a mini French vacation. Upon entering, you're greeted by calming, instrumental music; rustic décor; and an overwhelming array of high-end skincare products.

Though known for its Earth- and animal-friendly luxury beauty products and biodegradable packaging, the company's most endearing quality is its primum non nocere business ethos. L'Occitane obtains its shea butter from Burkina Faso in Africa, where the shea nut is a sacred commodity only to be handled by women. The company built a factory there and buys the nuts at above-market prices. It is also active in women's-empowerment charity acts in the region.

The Immortelle and Devine anti-aging skincare lines use the incredible immortale flower, a small-bud blossom that never wilts and whose yellow hue never fades, not even after it has been picked. It has anti-bruising, anti-inflammatory and healing qualities. The Immortelle Cream Mask delivers intense moisture in as little as five minutes thanks to the added shea butter.

To add to the “mini-vacation” feel, the store offers complementary hand massages and facials that showcase its top products, including the shea-butter hand cream, one tube of which sells every three seconds worldwide. It's a thick cream that never leaves your hands feeling oily. You'll also experience its popular Almond Shower Oil; though it pours like an oil, when it hits the water, a luxurious foam is created.

Your purchase, accompanied by a few free samples, will be wrapped with care in tissue paper that has been spritzed with one of the company's fragrances—likely L'Occitane's signature Verbena unisex fragrance.

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