Locals Only Extra: Video of the Yeastie Boys Rockin' the Doll Hut

This week, we decided to fill our Locals Only column with a bunch of clowns. Yes, clowns. But not for the record, they happen to be foul-mouthed, beer-chugging, middle-finger-waiving, pie-throwing punk rock clowns. 

If they weren't so charming in person, the Yeastie Boys would be a coulrophobic's worst nightmare. But at the end of the day, they're just a bunch of old school pranksters that love bands like the Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedys and the Dickies enough to slather on some face paint and cover the shit outta them. Known mostly for their crazy live shows and their ability to insert clown-centric lyrics into the world's best punk songs, the Yeasties are definitely in a league of their own in the local music scene. 

This Saturday at the Doll Hut in Anaheim, the band embark on an ambitious Bozo-filled bash dubbed the 1st Annual All-Star Clown Jam, featuring over a dozen clowns on stage thrashing and smashing to clowned-up punk classics of yesteryear. In addition to the seven core members of the band, the Yeasties are calling on all former and rotating members of the band to come up on stage and rock out. Sounds epic, right? The night also features a slate of respected, non-face painted groups, including Plan 9, Desperation Squad and the Eyesores. In hopes of giving you an idea of the nose-honking mayhem that will befall Anaheim's legendary punk venue, we pulled out a video of one of the Yeastie's recent shows at the Hut. Watch as they floor the audience with the magic of their aptly-titled song, “Clown Dick.” Multiply this by 10 and that's probably what you'll see on Saturday. Get your rainbow wig ready.

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