Local Record Review: The Eliminators

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The Eliminators

Room to Move

Eliminator Records

Surf music may be the SoCal (and especially the OC) equivalent of what “beach music” is to the Carolinas over on the other coast. 

It's the new roots music that thrives anew each time around, never quite growing old even while following long standing traditions. 

Certainly the Eliminators are more than happy to continue working in the vein that brought them together to start with; Room to Move is another set of songs that prove  “Misirlou” and “Walk Don't Run” won't ever stop echoing outward. 

But as with any group worth its salt, it's not about perceived genre purity as it is drawing on various sources–there's a sharp cover of Link Wray's “Steel Trap” as well as take on fellow modern surf nut Sonic Chris Fesker's “One Gun Is All You Need.” 

Other songs such as “Walking Tall” call to mind classic instrumental gunslingers as Duane Eddy. (Not to mention the godlike Ennio Morricone–“Snake Eyes,” with its tolling bell intro and conclusion and rattlesnake shimmer, practically begs to have Sergio Leone back from the grave to see if Clint Eastwood could bust out the sarape once more.) 
Meanwhile, songs like “Balsa Chica” and especially the flat-out beautiful vibe of “Sonic Blue” find the room for understated exploration within the form. Also there is simply no way any album with a song called “Revenge of the Cowabunga Thunder Melvins” could go wrong.

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