Local Record Review: 'Ready to Kill' by Charles Mansion

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Charles Mansion

Ready to Kill
Winston Legthigh Records

Admittedly it's been a few months since this Fullerton band's debut album saw the light–we can be sometimes overwhelmed by the releases we have to hand. But some things can be worth the wait, because just the sheer pleasure of hearing a rollicking glam-rock drum beat kicking things off on “Jacket & Tie”–as well as the kind of full-bodied guitar crunch that should go with it–is sometimes just what the doctor ordered, and it kicks off Charles Mansion's Ready to Kill wonderfully.

Little surprise perhaps that the drummer and one of the singer-guitarists are brothers Jason and Corey Kaiser; they seem to have the kind of sixth sense one would want in a band that makes it living playing out as often as they can. This said, Ready to Kill isn't the sign of a breath of fresh air so much as it is a bit of familiar and fun attitude with a bit of spiky edge–they're a good-time bar band at heart, but that can put a lot of things together in one place, like how the title track turns from '60s R&B to roaring noise on a dime.

Throughout the set, there's the feeling of plenty of bratty '60s garage rock, '70s good-time dudes like Slade and the Faces, Jellyfish's early '90s pop-rock-revivalism (check out the harmonies on “Small Doses”) and even a bit of whatever it was kicking around in New York a decade back (though we'll always reserve judgment on the Strokes). None of it rewrites rulebooks, but it all sounds good and wraps up 10 songs in half an hour's space–just enough of a hit to want a little more.
Ready to Kill can be purchased at charlesmansion.us

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