Local Record Review: Jeramiah Red

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Jeramiah Red
Jeramiah Red EP

One can't knock Jeramiah Red's self-description when it comes to conciseness. They describe their influences as “WOMEN” and their sound as “ROCK AND ROLL.” (If they had meant Costa Mesa's legendary The Women, that would be all the cooler.) On their self-released debut EP, the quintet serve up a rollicking if nonetheless pretty straightforward blend of blues-rock touchstones old and new.

You can just as easily imagine songs like “Can't Help Myself” as nuggets
off the Almost Famous soundtrack as turning up in iTunes Genius
function tips after listening whatever newest Jack White project turns
out to be.

If the form is familiar rather than revelatory, there's
moments of flair-Travis Ruiz's harmonica parts often give each song a
signature moment or two, while the prettily moody start of “Holy Time”
is the type of touch that shows where they could yet go in the future.

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