Local Record Review: I Hate You Just Kidding from Costa Mesa

I Hate You Just Kidding
Untitled EP

It was only a matter of time before Costa Mesa's I Hate You Just Kidding took their live reputation, the local award nominations and the increasing amount of attention and released a little something to the world. 
Thus the five song Untitled–which even has a title track at the very end, but that's one for the logicians to figure out. 

Any band's debut follows in the vein of past inspirations and in the context of current approaches to one degree or another, so little surprise that a song like “Sun-Dried Tomatoes” breaks out the cheery handclaps and ukelele, making one think of any number of indie duos and acts looking for breezy good times. 
But the opening “My Little Dove” suggests deeper, more drowsily beautiful roots like Mazzy Star, an unexpected, enjoyable way to step out to the world thanks to Jessi's singing and the electric guitar zone and hush–and in turn that makes the kick up your heels ending of “Speakeasy,” Jeremy's first bow at lead vocals, an even nicer contrast. 
Add in a little cryptic tape-hiss/found-sound sonics on “My Hands, My Fate” leading into “Untitled,” which manages the neat trick of sounding like both turn-of-the-millennium Radiohead and the xx in its traded, considered vocals and melancholic main movement and all the plaudits become all the clearer. You get a sense that any full length album that follows could really knock it out of the park.

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