Local Record Review: 'Here Come the V-Necks' by the Sweet Repose

The Sweet Repose
“Here Come the V-Necks”


We realize at Beat Blvd. that our references can sometimes be a little loopy but the first thing thought of given the song title was Brian Eno, for good reason. “Here Come the V-Necks,” from the Sweet Repose's forthcoming EP, isn't quite that (or Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy for that matter) — it's more of an amiably passionate 21st century rock anthem of the polished-for-commercial-radio type, hitting a lot of spots here and there as it goes.  There's a bit of shuddering riffing here, a semi-reggae breakdown there and hey, even a guitar solo.

The consequence, though, in that this is about all it is — a friendly assemblage of familiar moves and sounds. Admittedly if every band out there was expected to bust open the walls of perception in new ways each time there'd only be five or so bands in the world as a whole, but still, a little something more and unique would be the key. Still, give it an ear below:

Here Come The V-Necks by thesweetrepose

The band performs tomorrow night at the Constellation Room in Santa Ana and there's an album called The Habit Forming Years in the works for later this year.

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