Local Record Review: Colorfield Bridge from Costa Mesa

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Colorfield Bridge
Without the Horses

Drift Theory

Brian Evans has spent a number of years working in a homegrown OC scene of shoegaze-inspired (and more) musicians. He's been in acts like Glider as well as on his own and with others in collaboration.

Without the Horses is a solo project under the Colorfield Bridge name. It continues his understatedly genteel impulses in that vein, exchanging queasier and noisier moments for the most part (the concluding “Kiss” is a definite exception) for something that suggests classic acts like the Field Mice, Felt and the Durutti Column.

A short release (10 songs coming in under half an hour), it makes the most of it, with brief compositions like “Monday
Morning Sun” setting a lovely instrumental mood without feeling like
it is somehow too quick.

While Evans is the main mover it's no surprise
to find some guest performers as well. Amber Ormand's singing
adding a keening, intense edge to songs like “Redwoods” and “Sky
Travel.” It's hard to go wrong with a song title like “Dawn Comes Late
to Costa Mesa” either, capturing those early morning moments in the city
with both beauty and, in its final lyrics, slight nervous tension.

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