Lizarrán Tapas Waiters Need to Focus on Hungry Customers More than Getting Laid

Behold the ramekin of toothpicks after the jump, a photo from my dinner last Thursday at Lizarrán Tapas in Fullerton. I like their offerings–juicy chorizo, decadent bacon-wrapped dates, a beautiful use  of quince–and was famished that night. I asked the waiter to keep them coming…but they didn't. Why?

Guy was busy trying to get laid. Truth in advertising, I guess.


About six women sat at the table next to mine, celebrating somebody's birthday. A handsome waiter saw the chance. Lizarrán kept bumping sensual cumbias and even the occasional vallenato, and the caballero kept showing off his dancing skills with the different girls, playing up his Valentino factor to the heights of his strong cheekbones. My chica and I, on the other hand? Ignored, even after I tried to wave him down, even after we emptied our plates and sat looking at the World Series, undisturbed, for a good 20 minutes.

Far from me to cock-block a guy, but Lizarrán: you had other waiters working that night, and it wasn't too busy. Let your guys (and even girls) find fun for the night, but coordinate. I was willing to spend double what I did that night (and I do believe our final bill was at around $60), but we instead left, vowing never to return again. I hope that nena was worth it, broder.

Lizarran Tapas, 310 N. Harbor Blvd., Fullerton, (714) 879-9009;

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