Little Saigon Waitresses Must Put on More Clothes By FRIDAY

Windows must be untinted. Gambling machines must be removed. Cigarettes must be tossed. And those little pasties adorning the nipples of waitresses must be replaced with something that resembles real clothing.  

A new ordinance demands all of this by Friday for the so-called “lingerie cafes” in Garden Grove. As you may recall, these coffee-, tea- and smoothie-serving establishments were getting too hot for police and some residents, who spoke out at City Council meetings last month.  


Officers have been distributing copies of the ordinance to the coffeehouses over the past several days, reports The Orange County Register. Garden Grove Police Chief Kevin Raney told the Weekly that employees must cover up butt cracks, pubic regions and breasts from the “top of the areola down.”
The new rules went into effect Friday, but police are giving the cafés a one-week grace period. 
Which means, of course, Thursday might be an excellent time to get some coffee. 
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