Litronix is Kevin Litrow, the longtime synthesizer visionary whose local music lineage runs back through N O W, 60 Watt Kid and Dance Disaster Movement all the way to the Radar, with each project its own intense exploration of dissonance and rhythm. (Believe it: Litrow will command a room with just a few key presses and a steely look in his eye.) But Litronix is the purest and clearest incarnation of his aesthetic yet. He’s in residency at the Wayfarer all of April and he’s got an upcoming album on Long Beach’s Porch Party Records (produced by Avi of Avi Buffalo) that matches Silver Apples’ synthscapes, Suicide’s pulsebeat and Broadcast’s electro-psychedelia to his own fearlessly expressive confessionals. Think of these as soul songs from an alternate universe—ballads by J.G. Ballard or Alfred Bester, with one man and his machines alone against the void.

Mon., April 20, 9 p.m., 2015

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