Listen to the Band: Mothers Sons

Mothers SonsFor Mothers Sons, the craft of mingling a fiery brand of folk rock with a shot of blues and poetic observation has earned them a growing buzz in cramped clubs and bars all over Orange County. Hailing from Fullerton, the band is a worthy edition to the growing movement of American Roots Music sweeping the local music scene.

Tonight the band will be playing a record release party for their independent “Griot” EP at the Continental Room for a home town crowd. With lead singer/guitarist Rob Rowe at the helm, the band is poised to hit audiences with enough gusto and vintage rock riffs to make mamma proud.

OC Weekly: Who's in the band and who does what?

Rowe: Danny sings backing stuff and switches between lead and bass with Kenny. Jona does all of the percussion and a bit of shouting and I sing and play rhythm. Danny and I mostly work together as far as getting the initial ideas or parts of a song together. But often nothing is clear until we all get together and work on it.

OCW: What motivated you to start the band?

R: I met a girl in high school that wrote songs. I remember listening to her sing in her room and being really moved by it. I already played a little, but that's what led me toward the realization that writing songs was the right outlet for a big portion of my creative energy.

OCW: Who are your biggest influences and why?

R: Garages full of shit, heads full of nothing, the reproductive habits of useless morons, the cultural vacuum they create, how overvalued human life is, etc . You might laugh but I'm dead fucking serious and in fifty years you'll see what I mean. Those are the things that get me worked up enough that I have to sit with a guitar for a few hours and make things right for myself.

OCW: What's the best thing that's happened to your band? What's the worst?

R: The best was when Danny joined. We'd been looking for “Mr. Right” for a while. He came in and we could just be on our way and learn to write better together.

The worst for me was when I ate too much Thai food before a show. I got heartburn, almost threw up every time I opened my mouth to sing, got hit on by a married woman and lost my phone. But the worst for the band was probably wasting six months working on a song we never finished. Every time we worked on the damn thing we hated it more.

OCW: There are millions of bands and solo artists creating music now. Why should people listen to you?

R: Because many of those millions only talk about girls and parties or tell a bunch of banal stories. I for one don't tolerate having my time wasted by some dude crying into his own mouth or some high school dropout mumbling his half-written song about his own antics. I'm not so full of myself that I think my feelings are important to you and I have a respect for your time.

So I'm issuing an opinion, but not so that you'll agree with me. Because even if you don't agree with what I think then you've found out something about what you think, and to me that's the objective. Art should be precise enough to make you think. That's not to put down feelings. A wrecking ball is better than a nail for the right job, but I'm trying to be constructive.

Listen to the band:

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